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be quiet.

best song i have heard in a long time.


(Source: g-waymusic / GxWay)


(Source: nykeba)

well we gon’ tour the countryside and they won’t be invited
we will not be disturbed by the fussin’ and fighting

tell Peaches light the herb cause we just reunited
let’s make a move from these herds, go somewhere in private
i’m talking just me and you and the plane and the pilot

"And every time I’ve walked away, I’ve turned back around and picked you; a hundred times over."

- Jessica Martinez, my good friend

Produced by my best friend G-Way (http://twitter.com/keepitgxway). This song has been on repeat. Listen to the rest of the mixtape here: http://soundcloud.com/frank-vocals/sets

somewhere down the line we became an item / the love was in the air like this flight i’m lightin’ / the first few years was so excitin’